5 Kilogram

Class 1 Premium Medjool (Large) in pack of 5Kg.

Available On 29/ 03/ 2021!

Hump Group (est 2015) is pleased to announce the return of its dates campaign to support the Palestinians Farmers. Join us in our journey and don’t miss out.

908 Gram

Class 1 Premium Medjool (Large) in pack of 908g.


Where are our dates sourced from?

Our premium, natural Medjool dates are ethically sourced directly from Palestinian farmers and are grown, cultivated and packaged in Jericho, Palestine. Our dates are not grown in Jordan or in any illegal settlements. By purchasing a box (or two) of our dates, rest be assured that your purhased is directly supporting Palestinians farmers and their families.

What makes your dates different?

1. We pick from the recent harvest and packaged in 2021 2. Grown on organic principles and GMO free 3. We did not mix different sizes of dates to make up the net weight of each box 4. Only small quantities are shipped and exported to preserve the freshness and quality of our premium juicy natural Medjool dates.

Are your dates only suitable for those observing the Holy month of Ramadhan?

Absolutely Not! We welcome customers from all faiths and backgrounds. The dates are also naturally gluten free, suitable for vegans and make the perfect guilt-free healthy snack all year round.

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