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Being an Importer of Raw Spices, manufacturer of mixed and powder spices as well as Complete Premix Spices Powder, you’ll certainly find our range of products can meet your interests and requirements
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Adeqsue including grilled fish paste, savoury sauce, anchovies sambal, chilli in shrimp paste, etc
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Producing crunchy coconut chunks with a special technology that gives longer shelf life and without rancid. It has no colouring, no preservatives and gluten
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Today, Sharifah has more than 20 variations of “ready to eat” food, all the way from our beloved “Rendang” to almost all major favourite of “Nasi Goreng”
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These pastilles help kids grow strong and stay healthy. It can be eaten anywhere and anytime. It is delicious like Chewy Candy and sure to be loved by kids. It is loaded with vitamins and prebiotic that kids need for building a healthy immune system. Strictly made using 100 % halal ingredients. It’s more like a healthy snack.
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We manufacturer ingredient, paste, sauce, sambal, RTE, RTC & OEM
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Authentic from the backyard now to high-end manufacturing, nuha strive to create great products for all.
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Paste from Malaysia with great taste only with Palmira
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Zs Maju
Traditional Modern approach
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