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all-in-one seasonings

Our pastes are specially blend with authentic ingredients using traditional methods.

from farm to you

Samza's products made with the fresh ingredients using best state-of-the-art traditional recipes through generations. All ingredients were produced in Malaysia.

Innovative products

Made by the Malays for the world keeping it authentic and sourcing the best ingredients.

rte and rtc

Pasteurized and sterilized thanks to a unique heating process preserving all the flavors. We are therefore able to offer a wide and rich panel of dishes that only needs to be heated up in a microwave, in a pan or in hot water.

samza's product range

The best asam pedas & mix from Malaysia 



customer feedback

We have never tasted Äsam Pedas"and now we regularly bought it.
Hilary Leigh
Nice tastes we like it
Mark Row
Brick Layer

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